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Forwards Outlook and Skype for Business / Lync messages from a PC to an Android device via Bluetooth. The typical use case is receiving your messages on your mobile device while in the office in a work place that doesn't allow mobile devices to sync over Internet but allows Bluetooth.

This is the Android receiver piece.

Stargazing Homer Jay

Unobtrusive and configurable live wallpaper inspired by the last scene of The Simpsons episode "Mother Simpson."

Stars tinkle in the background and occasionally a shooting star flies by. The animation parameters can be personalized.


Thousands of multi-resolution wallpapers in a speedy interface.

- new wallpapers everyday
- fast interface, quick browsing
- save favorites, export to device's memory, crop, set wallpaper
- wallpapers are stored in multiple resolutions and the app can select the one matching your device automatically