Linux applications
Python  wxPython  GTK+  QT


Little tool that prevents your computer from entering inactivity modes. Can run in a terminal or in the notification area. Written in Python 3 and Qt 5.

Compatible with Linux, OS/X and Windows.


This is a tiny desktop application that allows turning TP-Link Kasa smart plugs and switches on and off. It's written in Python using the Qt framework and runs on Linux, Windows and Mac OS X.


An additional Gnome file manager right click menu entry to call the Clamscan antivirus. Right click one or more files or folders to have them scanned by Clamscan.

Compatible with Nautilus 2 only.


This small program is for finding and disconnecting machines located on a Cisco switches composed-LAN. It’s useful for kicking rogues machines off your network. Give it the IP or MAC address of a machine, the credentials to one of your switches, and it will find its way to the target machine and offer you to switch off the switch port it's plugged on (don't worry it can also switch it back on).

I wrote this in Python at work as I was tired to have colleagues ask me to find machines and kick them off the network every week. It's Linux and Windows compatible .

Remote HellaNZB GUI

Easily download your newsgroups binary files with this small GTK+ application to control your HellaNZB daemon. It's well integrated into your desktop: in a few clicks you can manage your remote (or local) queue: add NZB files from your computer or from their ID, set priorities, see the progress of your downloads...

SDM (Screenlet de Merde)

Get the latest VDM ( quotes. It can cycle through all the ones presented on first page and it's themable.

Requires Screenlet.