Windows Metro applications (Windows 8 tablets and PCs)
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A wrapper for the Plex web application for use when the official store app craps out. Unlike the official store app it can be resized to a small window and to actual full screen.

I found the official app to be unreliable on my Surface - it would often fail to play media and would crash when changing quality - while the web app was working fine so I whipped up this replacement. It got taken out of the store by Plex after a couple months however.

cPlayer RT

cPlayer RT is a media player that can play your media files - video or audio - from your UPNP servers, homegroups, your local video library, your local music library, or your removable storage devices (USB keys...). Unlike the built-in Windows 8 video player, it supports external subtitles, pinning items to the home screen, locking screen orientation, and playing the next media in the current folder automatically. This is a port of cPlayer, the UPNP media player for Windows Phone.

For a list of media formats supported by Windows 8 store apps, check .

Metro Transmission

With this app you can control the Transmission installations running on any devices on your network or on Internet (if you have configured your router accordingly). Open magnet links, torrent links or torrent files on your tablet, send it to your PC running Transmission, close your tablet. You're done, your PC will keep downloading it.

Note: this is not a Torrent downloader in itself; it's a remote control for Transmission, a free open source Torrent client compatible with multiple OSes. More details: .

Lots A Wallpapers

Thousands of high definition wallpapers for your Windows 8, updated daily!

Browse categories, download high definition wallpapers, set them as lock screen or account picture. Once downloaded, use Windows 8's settings to use as a wallpaper.

Pin the app to the start screen and the live tile will always show you the latest wallpapers. Pin categories as well to see the latest in your favorite categories access them directly.